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The Twelve Days of Christmas at Shades of Sleep


Colorful, plush, absorbent towels from Abyss & Habidecor;

Local organically made pillow sprays from Angelica Root for a good night’s sleep, to help with headaches or stuffy head;

Matching fleece onesies for the whole family (made in Canada!);

Triple milled soap from Rance (made in Italy);

Cozy, faux fur slippers from Ruby & Ed in Britain;

Luxurious silk sheets and pillowcases from Kumi Kookoon

Some soy candles and diffusers from Archipelago that last over 60 hours;

Matching his and her PJ’s from Bedhead;

and a luxurious, soft Cashmere Robe from under the tree.


What do Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, and Shades of Sleep have in common?


Francois Rance created the fragrance “Josephine” within the strict guidelines of his pupil Napoleon Bonaparte as a dedication to Josephine, the love of his life. Since Josephine was drawn to exotic rose oils, only the finest May Rose was used in this joyful spring floral bouquet.

In 1859 Francois also created a fragrance (“Eugenie”) from the most refined and delicate essences for Eugenie de Montijo, the wife of Napoleon III.

Shades of Sleep nestled in Inglewood is honored to now carry these fragrances from Rance together with several of their triple milled soaps and when paired with towels from the Abyss collection, promises a most luxurious bathing experience.