Once there was a little girl that loved to shop and dreamed of the finer things in life. When she grew up, she worked hard and realized the value and longevity of quality merchandise. She searched out local artisans and travelled across Canada from coast to coast, falling in love with the exquisite handcrafted jewelry unique to our illustrious country.

When travelling and staying in finer hotels, she noticed a marked difference in the bedding at the hotels compared to the sheets she used at home. Being curious by nature, she learned the bedding was made from 100% Egyptian cotton. She bought new bedding and it was the softest, most comfortable bedding she had slept on- there would be no going back. Italian bedding for all!!

She was also frustrated trying to locate well made designer sleepwear that was comfortable and appealing. After an exhaustive search of other retailers, it became apparent that sumptuous sleepwear was an elusive find.
After watching an episode of Oprah about following your passion, she knew what she had to do. She must open a boutique that carried all the luxurious necessities she had discovered.

Every woman deserves to retreat to a bedroom that wraps her in warmth and serenity after a busy day of giving to others.


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